Raw material prices rise too fast, High efficiency motor usher in opportunities for development

Time:2018-03-04    Source    Author  Browse
Iron ore, steel, non-ferrous metals and other raw materials have ushered in the "collective price" of the wave, affecting the downstream business nerves. In particular, entering the second half of 2017, raw material prices continued to rise, forcing electric motor manufacturers to increase their prices to offset the pressure of rising costs.

Three phase induction motor main raw materials copper, silicon steel and rare earth neodymium metals showed different increases, of which copper prices rose 28%, silicon steel prices rose 37%, rare earth neodymium prices soared 81%, the motor manufacturing industry Has a very big impact. According to an authoritative source estimates, the overall cost of the three phase induction motor production rose by 10% to 20% due to the rising raw material prices.
high efficiency motor
This round of raw material prices are mainly affected by two factors.
First, it is directly related to the efforts made by the state to continuously increase environmental protection.
Second, in the structural reform of the country's supply side, overcapacity in the country through de-capacitying has been eased, leading to price increases.

Starting from the end of 2016, with the continuous deepening of environmental protection work, deep-processing, casting, electrical machinery and other industries have been phased out for environmental protection. Although the surge in raw material prices started at the end of 2016, the impact of the price hikes has lasted for a long time. Until now, the electric motor manufacturers are still impacted by the rising cost pressures.

In order to cope with the rising costs, from the third quarter of 2017, major domestic motor manufacturers have made price adjustment measures ranging from 5%-15% and some even raised their prices twice.

Electric motor manufacturers think that although the state has stopped the subsidy policy for high-efficiency motors, the copper rotor motor, as a typical representative of motor energy-saving technologies, has been encouraged and supported by the national policies and is the high efficiency motor product to be promoted in the future.