Variable Frequency High Voltage Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors

YKKVF Series High Voltage A few Period Induction Motors of Frame measurements 355-1000 Rated output 185-8000kW Insulation course F Degree of protection IP54/IP55

CZPT description
Y,YKS,YKK Series high voltage three-period asynchronous motors (Frame No.355-a thousand) mounting proportions and tolerance are coincident with China common GB755, CZPT CZPTal committee common IEC34-1and equipment-career requirements JB/T/7593 JB/ and so forth.
The quality of protection for outer include is in accordance with GB4942 and IEC34-five normal, there are four grades IP23, IPW24, IP44 and IP54. The IP23 grade can update to IP44(Tube Ventilation) according the customer’s request. Also provide other protecting quality specially.
The cooling strategy is according to the GB/T1993 and IEC34-6 regular . There are three sorts of cooling approach IC01,IC611 and IC81W. Also we can supply other cooling technique according the consumer ask for.
The construction and mounting product is IMB3 (horizontal foot mounted) is in accordance with GB997 and IEC34-seven (IM code) expectations.

Composition specification       
The body is manufactured of metal plate being welded up into type of square tank shape with gentle excess weight and organization rigidity .
Stator is a outer-push-assembly construction, the stator winding is a F quality insulation, at the winding’s stop portion being agency banded.
The entire stator has been handled with VPI technology to make stator with a sturdy entire body and great electrical and moisture resistance.
The rotor can be developed into two modes casting aluminum and copper bar manner. Casting aluminum rotor is casted with pure aluminum. Copper-bar rotor is made by copper bars wedges in the slots, then at the bar’s each and every stop to be soldered with a finish-ring by reliable soldering technologies. At the conclude of process, it need to be immersed in lacquer when to reinforce the integration.
Possibly rolling or sleeve bearing may possibly be adopted, the safety grade of bearing is IP54. For the rolling bearings manner, the rolling bearing must be lubricated with grease, and the motor should have oil-inlet and oil-exhaust units, motor can also be non-quit oil injection. For the sleeve bearing mode, the oil supply method for the bearing have to be geared up by buyers. But the efficiency for sleeve bearing motor will be permitted a minor lessen with regard of the complex info desk and that is permissible in in accordance with the relative stipulates of the regular issued by Ministry of Device Building.
The main terminal box is designed by Germany DIN standard. The quality of defense is IP54. The terminal box for normal motor is positioned at the proper facet (Seen from axle extension). Also can be mounted at remaining side in accordance customer’s necessity. The outlet hole of terminal box can confront up, down, right and remaining 4 directions. There is a independent grounded unit in the main terminal box.
Normally the motors axle is solitary extension manner, the essential is a planar crucial manner. We also can provide double shaft extension mode in accordance customer’s requirement.
We can install temperature measurements in stator and bearings. And install interior area heaters for humidity guarding throughout stoppage.

The Implication of the symbol
By GB4831 stipulation, the motor’s kind is composed of merchandise image and specification image in sequence.
The merchandise symbol is demons dealt with by motor sequence symbols, its implication is as pursuing:
   Y———squirrel-cage rotor three-stage asynchronous motor.
   YKS——Enclosed squirrel-cage rotor three-phase asynchronous motor with air-drinking water cooler
   YKK—— Enclosed squirrel-cage rotor three-phase asynchronous motor with air-air cooler
   The specification symbol is composed of centre peak, iron-main duration variety and variety of poles.

YKKVF sequence:

  • Body sizes: 355-1000                   
  • Rated output: 185-8000kW
  • Insulation class: F                         
  • Degree of security: IP54 /IP55
  • Enclosure: IC611                           
  • Mounting: Horizontal
  • Rotor: Squirrel cage                     
  • CZPT: Rolling bearing or sleeve bearing
  • Voltage: 6kV, 10kV

This motor can be processed by the anticorrosion anti-mould-proof method to derive outside (W) and outside corrosion safety (WF) motors. Substantial effectiveness, vitality conserving, reduced vibration, modest size, gentle weight, reliable functionality and simple set up and routine maintenance. The frame is manufactured of steel plate being welded up into sort of sq. tank form with light weight and firm rigidity. Stator is an outer-press-assembly construction. The stator winding is F grade insulation at the winding’s end component becoming company banded. The entire stator has been treated with VPI technologies to make stator with a sturdy human body and excellent electric powered and humidity evidence. The rotor can be developed into casting aluminum rotor or copper bar rotor. The copper cage rotor guidebook bar and finish ring are welded by intermediate frequency, and the copper guidebook bar diameter groove is treated with strong engineering to make it have large reliability.

Perfect for driving all types of basic machinery, these kinds of as h2o pump, enthusiast, compressor, crusher and and many others.


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Variable Frequency High Voltage Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors