Three Phase Asynchronous Vertical Motor for Pump Ylkk630-12 710kw 10kv IP54

I. Overview
YLYLKSYLKK series higher-voltage cage-variety a few-period asynchronous motors have seven centre heights from H315 to H710. The business adopts advanced technological innovation at residence and overseas, by way of a experienced and reliable style and generation method, and combines the design and style and manufacture of motors by our business for numerous many years. Knowledge, calculate and enhance the design of the various losses of the motor, the wind resistance of every wind route, and the power of each ingredient. The use of high-quality supplies and scientific processing technological innovation in the production tends to make the sequence motors have the positive aspects of higher effectiveness, lower sound, lower vibration, large dependability and practical installation and routine maintenance.
This sequence of motors can be used to drive various general equipment these kinds of as h2o pumps, compressors and other mechanical gear, and are widely used in electric powered electrical power, equipment, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industrial and mining enterprises.

two. Implementation requirements
GB 755 Rotating CZPT Equipment Rating and Overall performance
GB/T 1993 Rotating electrical machine cooling technique
GB 10068 The measurement, evaluation and boundaries of mechanical vibration of motors with a shaft heart top of 56mm and above
GB/T Rotating electrical equipment noise measurement method and its restrictions Element one: Rotating electrical device measurement technique
GB 10069.3 Rotating Equipment Sound Measurement Technique and Restrictions Portion 3: Sounds Boundaries
GB/T 13957 CZPT specifications for fundamental sequence of large a few-stage asynchronous motors
CZPT conditions of JB/T 7593 Y sequence higher voltage 3-phase asynchronous motor (frame dimension 355~630)
JB/T YKS, YKS-W, YQF series substantial-voltage a few-section asynchronous motor complex circumstances (body dimensions 355~630)
JB/T 1571.2YKK, YKS-W sequence substantial-voltage 3-section asynchronous motor technological conditions (frame size 355~630)
JB/T XXXX YKK collection, YXKK collection high voltage (10KV) three-section asynchronous motor specialized conditions and vitality effectiveness classification (body size 400~630)

three. Basic technical parameters
Power assortment: 185-4500KV
Number of poles: 4P-16P
Rated voltage: .38KV-thirteen.8KV (6KV and 10KV parameters are shown in the info sheet, and can also be made into 3KV, six.6KV, 11KV, 13.8KV)
Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Insulation course: F
Safety degree: IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55
Cooling strategy: IC01, IC81W, IC611, IC616, IC666
Installation technique: IMV1
Quota: SI (work technique)
Four, specialized traits and framework type This collection of motors adopt a box-variety construction. The frame is welded from steel plates into a box-kind, with sturdy ribs and good toughness. The

motor is geared up with a protecting cover or cooler to aid the motor’s heat dissipation, set up and maintenance.
four.2 The stator adopts an exterior push-in shape composition, and the stator and rotor are punched from lower-decline non-oriented chilly-rolled silicon steel sheets. The stator winding is manufactured of F-class insulation substance, which has powerful insulation endure voltage and anti-corona ability. The winding ends are reliably fastened and tied, and vacuum force impregnation solvent-free of charge paint method (VPI) is utilized, so the motor’s insulation performance Outstanding and trustworthy, high mechanical toughness, robust moisture resistance and long provider daily life.
4.three The rotor cage bar can be produced of forged aluminum or copper according to functionality parameters or consumer requirements. Between them, the cast aluminum cage bar and the finish ring are integrally forged by centrifugal to make sure the mechanical strength and avert the cage bar from breaking for the duration of the motor procedure the copper bar rotor is created of high-top quality copper content, and the cage bar is welded with the end ring by intermediate frequency welding. The welding top quality is excellent. Higher power, and via the fastening procedure in the groove, tremendously reduce the phenomenon of damaged copper bars.
4.four When the motor has no axial thrust, the bearing adopts rolling bearing, and its safety grade is IP23IP44, IP54 or IP55. The rolling bearing is outfitted with non-stop oil injection and drainage device, which is easy for users to use and preserve. When bearing axial thrust, thrust sliding bearing can be employed.
4.5 According to consumer specifications, temperature measurement gadgets can be added to essential elements this sort of as stator windings and bearings to facilitate on-website observation and distant monitoring to guarantee risk-free and dependable procedure of the motor.
five. Situations of use
five.1 Ambient air temperature: -25ºC~50ºC
5.2 Altitude: no much more than 5000 m
5.3 Rated frequency: 50Hz, allowable frequency deviation ±1%
five.four Throughout voltage operation, the allowable voltage deviation is ±5%. (It can operate at ±10% below the situations of seven.3 in GB 755)
Six, product description
Instance YLKK 630 – 4 W

Squirrel cage vertical 3-section asynchronous motor Out of doors (Setting code)
 pole amount
 cooling strategy (air-air cooling)  motor shaft middle peak
Indicating of environmental code:
W-Outside anti-mild corrosion type WF1-Outdoor medium anticorrosion variety WF2-Outside anti-sturdy corrosion type
F-Indoor anti-light-weight corrosion sort F1-Indoor anti-medium corrosion kind F2-Indoor anti-sturdy corrosion type
TH-Wet tropical indoor type THW-Wet tropical out of doors kind TA-Dry tropical indoor sort TAW-Dry tropical outside type
Seven, buying directions Ahead of inserting an purchase, make sure you refer to the product catalog of this collection to explain the needed solution model, specifications and other info. If there is any discrepancy among the required specifications and the samples, remember to contact the company quickly.
7.two The motor model, rated electricity, synchronous speed, rated voltage, rated frequency, safety amount, rotation course, installation kind, and many others. must be indicated when purchasing.
seven.3 The technological knowledge and dimensions in the sample are only for reference when choosing the product. The formal info ought to be offered by the manufacturer after the contract or specialized settlement is signed.
7.4 The complex info sheet of the sample only lists the relevant information of motors with rated voltages of 6KV and 10KV. If consumers need to have other voltage ranges, the producer can also give pertinent technological information when purchasing.
seven.5 If you have particular requirements, remember to supply knowledge and sign the related specialized arrangement when ordering.

Three Phase Asynchronous Vertical Motor for Pump Ylkk630-12 710kw 10kv IP54