Tapping Area From M3-16 Electric Tapping Machine with Own Factroy


Solution Overview
Large-Right tapping machine is a kind of efficient tool which is mainly used for thread cutting,
chamfering, screwing, chambering. With the robotic arm which can move back and forth, up and down, left and right, the operating radius is big. Which breaks the limitation of the lathe, drilling 
and on space a lathe, drill machine, boring machine and other traditional equipment on space.  When it comes to screw cutting, using tap orientation, being perpendicular to the working      surface all the time, no tension and pressure, and being in a floating state ensures the precise 
geometry of the thread. When utilized in cooperate with the cellular workbench for thread cutting in large workpiece, complex workpiece, the lacunose workpiece has the incomparable   advantage: flexible, high repetitive positioning, high accuracy.

1. As the CNC equipment partner ,it can become the auxiliary working table .Let operating workers waiting time become productive,Make CNC free from”tapping”,”chamfering”tedious work,
greatly improving the CNC and operation efficiency of the workers.
two. The ergonomic design, the operation is simple,comfortable,reduce the feeling of fatigued .
3.  When working, do not produce tension and pressure,running free and flexible,the balance is accurate and in location.
four. Adjust the speed of the motor at unlimited segment, combined with barrel entrained overload protection device, so the damage is small, substantial precision of thread,overload operation and will not damage motor.
5. Heavier workpiece don’t need positioning or lip,loading the universal head makes it ok .
six. The machine equipped with a pendulum Angle head ,can be placed to four 90 angle position , so that can achieve horizontal and vertical direction tapping , the horizontal tapping easily suitable for long shaft class with two face tapping,  more suitable for 
large workpiece ,need not move  back and forth the workpiece seven. Use 220V ac servo motor ,touch display screen ,set torsion output digital control speed , position can be controlled , the parameter can be set in precision to control the tapping depth .

Quick-alter safe faucet chuck
Configuring torque overload safety tap collet, when the tap collet which is equipped with clutch tapes the blind hole or torque exceeds the torque of faucet, clutch will throw-off routinely in get to defend the tap from broking effortlessly.

Merchandise relevant to workpiece components
CZPT tapping machine can be in the direct, copper, metal, forged iron, forty five# metal, die metal, ace supplies, this kind of as metallic supplies for effortless tapping operations.
Relevant industries
CZPT producing, auto producing, tool producing, mould, electric,
metallurgy, electricity plant, coal mine and oil.

Specification parameter

design HRT-B-D
Rotation velocity -600 r/m(stepless speed regulation)
Motor electrical power 600w
Single-stage ac voltage(v) 220v/50hz
Functioning Location(mm) one thousand horizontal
five hundred vertical adjustable
CZPT add-ons Tapping arm (1 set)
Servo motor and reducer(one particular established )
Faucet holder M3-16 (a single set)
Optional add-ons CZPT joint (tapping for a vertical/horizontal)
Magnetic base 300kg(obtain any scope tapping)
Shifting workbench

Tapping Area From M3-16 Electric Tapping Machine with Own Factroy