Y2 sequence a few-stage asynchronous motor is made for CZPTpe marketplace. The terminal box is located on the best of motor, the motor framework is compact and the appearance is appealing. The symptoms and nom benefit are all in conformity with IEC expectations the motor have some great function, this sort of as high effecient, energy-saving, large beginning torque and effortless upkeep and so forth.

YE3 It has stunning appearance, substantial effectiveness and energy conserving, F class insulation, IP55 defense degree, lower sounds, minimal vibration and dependable operation. Widespread spots of use, this sort of as enthusiasts, pumps, and so on., which call for strength-conserving ongoing procedure and can perform usually.

Assortment OF Performance
one.Frame No:sixty three~355
3.Mounting sorts: B3/B5/B14/B15/B34/B35
four.Operating manner: S1
five.Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
six.Ambient temperature: -15°C < θ < 40°C
7.Insulation course: F


Q: What is your payment expression?

A: 30% T/T in advance, 70% stability when getting B/L copy.  Or irrevocable L/C.
Q:Why did you pick our business?
A:Our firm has advanced technologies, superb team, will not allow you down.


Type KW Type KW Sort KW Sort KW
Y2-63M1-two .eighteen Y2-100L1-8 .seventy five Y2-200L1-two 30 Y2-315M-four 132
Y2-63M2-two .25 Y2-100L2-eight Y2-200L2-two 37 Y2-315M-6 90
Y2-63M1-4 .12 Y2-112M-2 four Y2-200L-four 30 Y2-315M-eight 75
Y2-63M1-four .eighteen Y2-112M-four four Y2-200L1-six eighteen.five Y2-315M-ten fifty five
Y2-71M1-two .37 Y2-112M-six 2.two Y2-200L2-six 22 Y2-315L1-two 160
Y2-71M1-two .fifty five Y2-112M-8 1.five Y2-200L-8 fifteen Y2-315L2-2 200
Y2-71M1-four .twenty five Y2-132S1-2 five.5 Y2-225S-4 37 Y2-315L1-4 160
Y2-71M1-four .37 Y2-132S2-two seven.five Y2-225S-eight 18.5 Y2-315L2-4 two hundred
Y2-71M1-6 .18 Y2-132S-four 5.5 Y2-225M-2 forty five Y2-315L1-6 110
Y2-71M1-6 .twenty five Y2-132S-six 3 Y2-225M-four 45 Y2-315L2-six 132
Y2-80M1-two .seventy five Y2-132S-eight two.two Y2-225M-six 30 Y2-315L1-eight 90
Y2-80M1-two one.1 Y2-132M-4 seven.five Y2-225M-eight 22 Y2-315L2-8 one hundred ten
Y2-80M1-4 .fifty five Y2-132M1-six 4 Y2-250M-two fifty five Y2-315L1-10 75
Y2-80M1-four .75 Y2-132M2-6 four.5 Y2-250M-4 55 Y2-315L2-ten ninety
Y2-80M1-6 .37 Y2-132M-eight three Y2-250M-6 37 Y2-355M-2 250
Y2-80M1-6 .fifty five Y2-160M1-two 11 Y2-250M-8 30 Y2-355M-four 250
Y2-80M1-8 .eighteen Y2-160M2-two fifteen Y2-280M-2 90 Y2-355M1-6 a hundred and sixty
Y2-80M1-eight .twenty five Y2-160M-4 eleven Y2-280M-4 ninety Y2-355M2-6 two hundred
Y2-90S-two 1.5 Y2-160M-six seven.5 Y2-280M-6 55 Y2-355M1-eight 132
Y2-90S-4 Y2-160M1-eight four Y2-280M-eight forty five Y2-355M2-eight one hundred sixty
Y2-90S-6 .seventy five Y2-160M2-8 5.5 Y2-280S-2 seventy five Y2-355M1-10 a hundred and ten
Y2-90S-eight .37 Y2-160L-2 eighteen.5 Y2-280S-4 75 Y2-355M2-ten 132
Y2-90L-2 2.2 Y2-160L-4 fifteen Y2-280S-6 forty five Y2-355L-2 315
Y2-90L-four one.five Y2-160L-6 11 Y2-280S-8 37 Y2-355L-four 315
Y2-90L-six 1.1 Y2-160L-8 seven.five Y2-315S-two 110 Y2-355L-6 250
Y2-90L-8 .55 Y2-180M-2 22 Y2-315S-4 one hundred ten Y2-355L-eight two hundred
Y2-100L-2 three Y2-180M-four eighteen.five Y2-315S-six 75 Y2-355L-10 one hundred sixty
Y2-100L1-four two.2 Y2-180L-four 22 Y2-315S-8 55    
Y2-100L2-4 three Y2-180L-six fifteen Y2-315S-10 45    
Y2-100L-six one.5 Y2-180L-8 11 Y2-315M-2 132    


 SERIES THREE PHASE Electric motor