Rcdf Oil-Cooled Suspended Completely Automatic Electromagnetic Iron Separator

Self-cleaning electromagnets 

Item Description of overbelt electromagnetic sorters 

The Suspended Electromagnet provides tramp steel selection from conveyed resources. The electromagnet is normally mounted or suspended above a conveyor belt to remove massive parts of tramp steel that symbolize a hazard to downstream crushers, mills, pulverizers and grinders. Suspended electromagnets also take away sharp metallic that can harm or tear expensive conveyor belts, specially at transfer details. Item purity is enhanced with the separation electricity of the suspended electromagnet.

  • For added protection from tramp iron,
  • For increased merchandise cleaning,extracting and remeving magnetic iron from inert supplies this kind of as foodstuff,plastic,wooden glass and ceramics ect,or installed after shredder or crushing device,escape the damaged blade entry.
  • For heavy obligation separation apps:recoverying ferrous metal from the shredded domastic appliances, finish of existence automobiles ect
  • mineral crushing facilities:recoverying or taking away Ferromagnetic ore 

CZPT Features and Rewards: 

1. With the computer-simulating layout of magnetic circuits, it has deep magnetic depth and high magnetic area intensity.
2. With unique style of interesting coils, it has longitudinal and latitude cooling oil paths. The warmth can be easily remodeled to the cooling oil to reduce the coil temperature.
three. The unique made wholly sealed coils are humidity-proof, dustproof and  corrosion prevention.
four. The corrugated heat-releasing wings enlarge the cooling spot and efficiently management the temperature rise.
5. Easy upkeep, self clean iron wastes, strong efficiency.
6. The midsection-drum shape roller can rectify the belt automatically. With the wholly sealed bearing blocks, it can achive difficulty-free procedure for a very lengthy time.
7. With in close proximity to and remote control technique, it has a wide software. 

 Specification for electromagnetic sorters with oil all-natural circulation cooling system :

Designs Ideal CZPT Belt width Rated Lifting Height Rated Magnetic Intensity Fascinating Electrical power Push Motor Electricity Cooling sort Dimension Excess weight
mm mm Gs Kw Kw Oil-Cooling L*W*H(mm) kg
RCDF-six 650 two hundred ≥700 ≤5 one.5 2250*1050*905 1390
RCDF-8 800 250 ≤6 two.two 2395*1240*950 1850
RCDF-10 one thousand three hundred ≤9 3. 2750*1520*1005 2710
RCDF-twelve 1200 350 ≤10 four. 3210*1715*1100 3550
RCDF-14 1400 400 ≤11 four. 3610*1820*1250 4450
RCDF-sixteen 1600 450 ≤12 five.five 4571*2040*1410 6550

HangCZPT Ejet gives a broad variety of electromagnetic sorter to fit all belt widths and types of burdens. The cooling system extends from oil-cooled, air-cooled and supporter-cooled electromagnets in overbelt or blcok variations, to powerful exceptional earth permanent magnets and includes a specialised electro with the capacity of sorting tramp iron from all sorts of conveyed content.


natrual cooling variety : 

oil all-natural circulation cooling system :

fan cooling program:


Doing work basic principle

When the electromagnetic separator operates, the resources on the conveyor belt pass beneath the magnetic separator, and the magnetic factors, particularly ferrous components in the raw materials will be attracted to the area of the iron-cleansing belt. Driven by the motor, the iron-cleaning belt will transfer CZPT, and the magnetic aspects on the iron-cleansing belt will be driven to go appropriately beneath friction force and impact of baffle plate. When the magnetic components move away from the magnetic subject region, as a consequence of their gravity and inertia, they will possibly drop to a accumulating bin beneath the magnetic separator or fall to another conveyor belt and be conveyed to the assembling region, and this is the stop of the automated cleansing process.

In purchase to offer you with the ideal quotation at the shortest time, we want you kindly notify below details to do design selection :
one.what type of material need to procedure separation?
two.does it perform with belt? if yes, how about the belt width? belt pace?
3.how about the handling capacity you need? and the separation materials size?
4.do you need self-discharging type or handbook discharge type?
5.rectangular shape or spherical condition? permanent magnet variety or electromagnet type?

Our Providers

With nicely-outfitted professional engineers and robust specialized drive, Ejet have been numerous steel resolution because 2006 , we cooperate with excellent suppliers (CZPT &Schneider)to preserve our quality,the check of supplies is totally free if you are interested in our machine, strict quality checked for every single machine just before packing, engineers CZPT to services equipment overseas, inaddition, there is not only after revenue support assistance, but also technology assistance, “hold progress, improve excellence” would be maintain permanently.

Company Details

HangCZPT Ejet Magnetic Equipment Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of Magntic Equipment with well-equipped specialist engineers and sturdy specialized drive.

Our main goods are eddy recent separator, suspended magnetic separator,lifting magnets,and so on.

With excellent high quality, reasonable charges,our goods are thoroughly employed in strong waste treatment, metallurgical mine, energy crops, coal mining and other industries. The products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia.

We welcome new and previous customers to contact us for potential company relationships and mutual success! 

we can design and manufacture total magnetic metal cleaning methods or merely furnish eddy existing separator other piece of magnetic separation gear to meet up with your requirements:

  • Eddy Recent Separator , also named foucalt Present Separator 
  • Drum Magnets 
  • Overband Magnetic separator 
  • Roller Magnets 
  • Grate magnets 



Rcdf Oil-Cooled Suspended Completely Automatic Electromagnetic Iron Separator