Portable Shot Blasting Machine Abrator

                                              Portable Shot Blasting Equipment Abrator

Merchandise Specification

        Floor shot blasting device blasts the pills on the street floor at higher speed and particular angle by the method of mechinery , make pills impect the surface of the highway and make the road area roughness, get to the influence of eliminating residuum,at the exact same time,dust collector will generate negative force to make capsules and impurities and dust dust restoration following air cleaning, intact capsules will instantly be recycled to employed, and impurities and dust will fall into the dust collecting box. 

       Function of highway area blasting when will be ample obvious absent area laitance of concrete and eliminate impurities, and can undertake  hair remedy on the area of concrete, make its area effectively-distributed roughness, significantly improving the adhesive power of the waterproof layer and concrete foundation layer, so that the water-proof layer and bridge deck can much better mixture, and at the very same time the crack of concrete can be entirely exposed, have the influence of nip in the bud.

Working Basic principle

Shot substance in the reduced component of separation box is from the feeding tube into the blasting  compo nents and pushed by the motor. The substantial-velocity rotating shot will be thrown and stroke towards the surface area of workpieces at the pace of 80m/s. And thus carry out thoroughly clean-up operation. Underneath the effect of adverse strain, the shot abrasive and dust will be again into sand separation box where the shot, dust and impurities will be separated fully. Great shot materia into the blast is anticipated to continue to use.

Item Application

For floor floor:

    Prepares concrete for recoating or application of overlays
    Removes markings, dirt and old coatings
    Prepares parking lots and garage decks
    Cleans factory and warehouse floors
    Ideal for airport runways
    Used on bridge decks and highways 

For Steel surface:

    Removes paint, rust, mill scale and marine growth
     Cleans ship and decks
     Removes non-skid coatings
     Cleans offshore platforms
     Prepares petroleum and water storage tank surfaces 

For other surfaces:

     Clean brick or stone surface 
     Removes paint pavement markings from asphalt surfaces

Items Approach Parameters


Working Effect

              On Concrete                                                                      On Steel   

               Marking Line Removal                                                   Epoxy Ground Cleaning


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 We are HangCZPT XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CZPT CO., LTD.  Situated in the machinery manufacture base of HangCZPT Seaport (leading ten of globe), build for more than thirty several years of expertise of R&D and revenue, pass of ISO 9000 managment program & CE quality certification. As one of the foremost equipment manufacturers this kind of as: Shot/Sand blasting machine(polish the steel floor rust, energy the steel qulity match for metal plate, street floor, H beam, outer/within pipe, oil pipeline casting and many others).

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Portable Shot Blasting Machine Abrator