Hitachi Alternator Auto Engine Parts Lr170-420 Lr170-420b Lr170-427 Ca863IR

Ref Information:

  • BOSCH : 098657171 – 098657181
  • EAI : 56363
  • EDR : 933296 – 933296N
  • EFEL : EF36923 – EF36923N
  • ELSTOCK : 281896 – 28-1896
  • FRIESEN : 9030880 – 9090007
  • HELLA : 8EL731750001 – 8EL731750-001
  • LETRIKA : 11209402 – 11209403 – AAK3161 – AAK3162 – IA9003 – IA9019
  • MAGNETI MARELLI : 94331123571 – MAR1123 – MAR6136
  • SPIDAN : 0005438
  • VALEO : 436725 – 437120
  • HITACHI : LR170-420 – LR170-420B – LR170-427 – LR170-427A – LR170-427B – LR170-427BA – LR170-427C
  • CZPT : 897571900 – 8971131180
  • OPEL : 125714 – 6204013 – 6204059 – 90542407 – 9119722 – 9757190
    Se monte sur les véhicules suivants :
    Marque MoCZPT Kind Moteur Debut Fin
    OPEL ASTRA F TD ,Hatchback,Combi 17TC/EE1 01.1992 03.1996
    OPEL COMBO D,TD 17TC/EE1 01.1994 07.1995
    OPEL CORSA B 1.five D, TD  01.1993 07.1995
    OPEL VECTRA A TD (A) 17TC/EE1 01.1992 08.1

Alternators Introduction

  • Makes certain cranking and beginning efficiency under all temperature extremes
  • one hundred% entire-load tested – meets or exceeds OE manufacturers’ torque, amperage attract and RPM requirements
  • Assures secure voltage output, removes shorts and open up circuits
  • Gives unsurpassed dependability underneath intense circumstances
  • OE layout to make certain precise fit, form, and function
  • Analyzed in an stamina simulaor to make certain OE high quality and operate

HUB auto alternators appear in two choices: Alternator and alternator parts. What ever the type, these alternators are created for extremes of cold and heat, providing a long time of trustworthy efficiency. The new alternators from HUB characteristic bigger bearings, enhanced circuitry, increased output, and extra provisions for cooling that reduce tension on the alternator and boost its lifestyle expectancy.
     For consumers passions ,we factory only use Yunyi & Mobiletron brand name regulators rectifiers  ,C&U  brand  bearing,extremely high quality stators and rotors are all made from our possess production line.
     So when you picking HUB items, not only you can be definitely certain that you happen to be receiving the maximum top quality, lengthy-long lasting alternator money can acquire,but also can share a lot more expert right after-sale service and a lot lengthier high quality warranty.

 At Hub CZPT, we sell brand new& models and carry all OEM and aftermarket brands in our warehouse from the adhering to firms:

  • DENSO Sales- alternators and starters utilized on an extensive class of equipment fromautomotive to industrial. Original equipment manufacturer elements (OEM) provider for a greatdeal of industrial gear.
  • Prestolite CZPT– is a diversified firm that is made up of Leece-Neville and the former
  • Motorola styles. They carry units for a lot of different apps, including agricultural,industrial, weighty-duty truck, army and mining gear.
  • Bosch– areas are located on a lot of CZPTpean domestic autos and industrial gear, from Chrysler to Volkswagen to CZPT.
  • Chrysler– alternators and starter components utilised on the previously Chrysler merchandise.
  • Delco Remy– nevertheless the most common models in our place employed on GM goods and domestic industrial tools.
  • Hitachi– employed on a lot of foreign Japanese products, each automotive and industrial.
  • Iskra– industrial models used in a wide range of apps.
  • Lucas– noticed on many English vehicles, it is also used on Ford and Massey Ferguson tractors in North The united states.
  • Magneti Marelli– utilised in automotive and agricultural products.
  • Mitsubishi– used on numerous overseas Japanese products, equally automotive and industrial. Utilized in some Ford apps.
  • FORD&Motorcraft– employed on Ford autos in automotive and industrial applications.
  • Nikko– utilized mostly for industrial apps.
  • Sawafuji- used on numerous overseas Japanese industrial goods. 
  • Valeo– employed in marine and industrial units.

Generation Line

About Purchasement:
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Wholesaler:you should contact our revenue first,you will get reaction inside of 12h.
Japanese automobile altrernator with minimal amperage MOQ 50 or 100pcs
CZPT Machine with substantial amperage(like Delco,prestolite,nikko) MOQ 20pcs
Want sample very first:we will offer sample if we have them in stock or have enough areas to assemble.
We will return sample as soon as you area order.

Packing details:Support neutral or CZPT vibrant carton packing.

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alternator ref no:

F000BL00 0571 , F000BL00 0571 -02.FOOOBL00 0571 , FOOOBL00 0571 -02.SG-631105-006.
F000BL5715, FOOOBL5715.37300-57150.
F000BL0115, FOOOBL0115.
FOOOBL0116, F000BL0116.1299571210, 129908-77210.
F000BL0408, FOOOBL0408.2310 0571 3R, 23100-7633R.
F000BL0424, FOOOBLO424.1GD95711.
F000BL0601, FOOOBLO601.BM1118300, BM11-18300.
FOOOBLO605, F000BL0605.JL4G24,0165 0571 .
FOOOBL0612, F000BL0612.3701100XEG22.
F000BL0622, FOOOBL0622.MK667724.
F000L0624, FOOOL0624.231004KAOV, 23100-4KAOV.
FOOOBLO626, F000BL0626.3757110-G01.
F000BL 0571 , FOOOBLO633.016501660.
F000BL0638, FOOOBLO638.3157165A00,3157165-A00,3157165/A00.
F000BL0647, FOOOBLO647.
F000BL0652, FOOOBL0652.2170-3757110-thirteen.
F000BLO657, F000BL0657.231003TS3B, 23100-3TS3B.
F000BL 0571 , FOOOBL 0571 .8210003BAD0000,8210003BADOOOO.
F000BL 0571 , FOOOBL 0571 .04C95711D.
F000BLO667, F000BL0667.231003TS3A, 23100-3TS3A.
F000BL0674, FOOOBL0674.B12-3701110.
F000BL0675, FOOOBL0675.3757110-B05.
F000BL0677, FOOOBL0677.04E95711P.
F000BL0678, FOOOBLO678.
F000BL0681, FOOOBLO681.
F000BL060D, FOOOBL060D.3701100XEG06B.SG-57168-001.
F000BL06J5, FOOOBL06J5.231003TS3C, 23100-3TS3C.
FOOOBL06X4, F000BL06X4.231004JM0A, 23100-4JM0A.
F000BL06Y8, FOOOBL06Y8.3701100XEG22.



Hitachi Alternator Auto Engine Parts Lr170-420 Lr170-420b Lr170-427 Ca863IR