High Speed Facial Tissue Packing Machine

Imako are specialist packing device designer and manufacture. Our full automated tissue packing equipment is appropriate for Solo Wrapper and Bundler for Toilet Rolls, Kitchen area Towel Rolls, Facial Tissue, Serviette Tissue, Pocket Paper and Other Home Paper.

A, Major equipment

A. Utilizing PLC and servo motors. Push rolls, belts, fetching luggage, placement, in-feed baggage and sealing

Part ought to be pushed by servo motors. Merchandise transfer, feeding, pushing, bag fetching, bag opening,

Trim selection are complete automated.

1) Immediately set facial packs into one column or two columns (1-five packs for each and every column) by touch

Monitor, then press them into bundler.

two) Into bag: Press prefab luggage by Vacuum belt and open them with sucker, then pusher drive facial

Packs into bags.

three) Sealing: Gusset format, heat sealing and sealing edge is straight and ho burrs. This part has its

Possess temperature management system.

four) Trim: To trim collector with vacuum program

five) Guy-machine interface: For simple procedure, set parameters in the functioning panel., which have

Preserve and debugging capabilities.

B. Alarm system: Routinely present faults simple for preserve.

C. Keep track of: Keep an eye on luggage and product and machine should be cease when no luggage or item

D. Prefab luggage storing: 2 merchants and the up is steady.

E. Bagging: 2 columns or one column, vertical course to bag, right tightness and gorgeous

F. Equipment must be immediately bag transmission and bundling and stop and alarm when bag

G. Bundling structure: 3, four, five, six, eight, 10, 12 packs for every bundle, adjustable

H. Machine ought to be equipped with overload defense and equipment quit at overload and could

Reset manually right after overload and permit servo method be back to first period (residence slowly and gradually).

I. Security control-machine need to cease in two-3 seconds right after pressing Emergency Stop Button

Unexpected emergency Stop ought to minimize off electrical power, compressed air, pump, and so on.


High Speed Facial Tissue Packing Machine