High Power Three Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor

                                                       High Top quality 3-period Asynchronous Servo Motor 
Motor Mounting proportions:

Motor Specification Paremeter

Motor Attribute Curve:


Project  Specification
Motor 3-phase Asynchronous Servo Motor 
Rated Voltage  CZPT 380V: other Voltages can be CZPT
Rated Power 1.1-110KW
Reference Frequency  sixteen.7,20,25,33.three,50,66.seven,100HZ
Rated Speed  500,600,750,a thousand,1500,2000,3000r/min 
Set up method  B3 horizontal installation B5 vertical installation B35 Vertical and horizatal installation 
Ingress security IP54/IP55
Insulation F
Vibration  R(downgrade)
Cooling method  IC416A independent supporter pressured air cooling 
Surroundings requirement  -15ºC-40ºC, Humidity beneath 80%RH 

 Ordering instructing:
1.The order should specify the item product, rated electrical power, rated voltage, rated pace, velocity selection(constand torque), junction box spot and installation variety,and so forth.
two.if you have specific requirements, following both sides talks thing in excess of, can supply the variety of other ,other structure an installation of motor, also can match different encoder, temperature sensor, and so on.


High Power Three Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor