High Linearity Hydraulic CNC Press Brake for Price

substantial linearity hydraulic cnc push brake for price tag

hydraulic NC Push Brake 

HangCZPT Shanduan CNC Machine Device Co., Ltd is a single of the Top 3 push brake and shearing equipment in China, which specializing in manufacturing and advertising and marketing of push brake,shearing device,push machine, square duct manufacturing line LINE5,4,three,2,1spiral duct device, locking forming machinefolding equipment,plasma cutting equipment, power press,ironworker,hydraulic notching device, beading machine,flange forming machine,shearing device & push brake,Blade/Mildew, and so forth.

Organization Name (company):     HangCZPT Shanduan CNC Device Device Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer:    YSDCNC
Tel: 571-57262305 Phone: 18851629789

one. Performance Attributes:
The total structure of the hydraulic folding device:
– Absolutely CZPTpean layout,streamlined looking,Frame: is made up of right and remaining wall boards, operating desk, oil box, slot steel and etc. The stress of the welded parts can be removed by vibration. The machine enjoys higher precision and high energy and
can be transported simply
– Welded structure: the stress of the welded areas can be eliminated by vibration so this forging press offers large accuracy.
– High accuracy,high performance,basic and convenient operation,good functionality, favorable price tag and greatest service.
1. CZPT method:
– Adopt built-in hydraulic control technique, a lot more reputable and easy for routine maintenance. The hydraulic technique is composed of motor, oil pump and valve teams and it is set up at the leading of the oil box.
– CZPTy total working cycle can be reached by way of the control of hydraulic valve.The distant adjustment valve can change the working stress at the correct aspect of the wall board.
– All seals in cylinder is imported,the most popular manufacturer,great high quality and high efficiency
– Overload overflow protection is outfitted to hydraulic program,which can guarantee no leakage,and the oil amount can be go through or seen right
2. CZPTal system and the basic safety interlock:
– CZPTal elements are imported or from Sino-international joint Venture,in accordance with worldwide specifications,reliable safety,long existence,excellent anti-interference capacity,a radiation unit is equipped in electrical cupboard.
– Protecting fence and the security interlock to ensure the procedure protection. Have a movable solitary-hand pedal change,effortless to run.
– The machine by the CZPTpean Union CE certification and ISO good quality system certification
3. Synchro control method:
– Slide syncho program: adopt metal torsion bar synchro system, easy in framework and large in accuracy
– two ends of slide has two synchro fork which make,The method utilizes higher die payment to improve the brake precision.
– The worktable adopts the certain layout,reducing the crowning distortion amount of lower device properly.
four. Ram framework:
– Higher stroke layout for bending,minimal noise,stable operating circumstance.
– Can move the ram up little by little,which makes it possible for the operator to handle work piece conveniently.
– CZPT fixing-area of the higher tool can be assembly with the clamping necessity of the tool farthest.
– Separate sectional clamping bars are equipped as regular equipment in buy to securely fasten quick dies.

two. Main CZPT Configuration:
·· E21system
·· SIEMENS motor
·· CZPT hydraulic method
·· YSDCNC Dies
··German EMB joint
··FIETZ, Japan, VALQUA, Japan Sealing ring
··Schneider CZPT Factors


           Type                        Item Unit WC67K-30T/1600 WC67K-40T/2200 WC67K-40T/2500 WC67K-63T/2500 WC67K-63T/3200 WC67K-80T/2500 WC67K-80T/3200 WC67K-80T/4000 WC67K-100T/2500
Nominal Force KN 300 400 four hundred 630 630 800 800 800 a thousand
Worktable width mm 1600 2200 2500 2500 3200 2500 3200 4000 2500
Poles Daistance mm 1280 1850 1850 1900 2560 1990 2560 3000 2571
Tnroat Depth mm 200 230 230 250 250 three hundred 320 320 320
Slide Travel mm eighty one hundred one hundred a hundred one hundred 100 100 a hundred 120
Nax Open mm 285 320 320 320 320 320 350 350 320
Motor power KW three five.five 5.five 5.5 5.five 7.five seven.5 7.5 seven.five
Dimension L mm 1600 2200 2500 2500 3200 2500 3200 4000 2500
W mm a thousand 1200 1200 1300 1300 1400 1500 1500 1600
H mm 1600 1910 1910 2210 2210 2300 2300 2400 2400
Fat KG 1300 2700 2800 3600 4400 5000 5500 5500 5000

Main CZPT configuration record:

one Handle Program 1set E21
2 HYDRAULIC System 1set  

CZPT from Germany

three motor
6 joint
1set German EMB
7 Sealing ring 1set FIETZ, Japan, VALQUA, Japan.
8 Major electrical parts
1set CZPT or joint undertaking

Random tools/files:

Serial No. Title Amount Remark
one Main unit 1 Such as one set of higher and reduce die, entrance plate holder and foot switch
two Grease gun one  
3 Button key two  
four Important to door lock 2  
5 Merchandise recommendations 1  
six certificate of top quality 1  
seven Packing checklist 1  
8 Basis bolt four sets Including nuts and washers
9 O-type sealing ring sixteen  

hydraulic NC Push Brake 

High Linearity Hydraulic CNC Press Brake for Price