Good Performance Rolling Screen for Sand Cement Grading

Excellent Performance Rolling Screen For Sand/Cement Grading
Rotary screen Software:
Rolling display is suitable to screen components which are wet and effortless blocking: sand gold ore, coal coke, lime, and so on. largest screened dimension is 100mm, middle dimension is ten-50mm, and wonderful dimension is underneath 3mm

Rotary display functioning basic principle:
Rolling screen is composed by the rolling drum, funnel, gear box, motor .The resources enter the rolling drum, one hand, the resources are screened by the drum rolling, another hand , the big measurement materials flow in advance with the rolling drum gradient, and then sorted out by way of various screen web size. The display screen dimensions falls in the funnel accordingly.

CZPT info:

Product Specification
Slope Rotary speed Sieve pore(mm) Max feeding dimensions (mm) Production ability(m3/h) Motor energy
Sieve pore(2mm) Sieve pore(20mm)
GTS820 Φ0.8X2 32 2-twenty Mesh dimensions X2.five seven thirty three
GTS830 Φ0.8X3 32 2-20 Mesh size X2.five 8 50 3
GTS1030 Φ1X3 twenty five 2-20 Mesh measurement X2.five 10 60 four
GTS1040 Φ1X4 twenty five 2-twenty Mesh dimension X2.5 eleven eighty 4
GTS1230 Φ1.2X3 twenty 2-twenty Mesh size X2.5 12 a hundred five.5
GTS1240 Φ1.2X4 twenty 2-20 Mesh dimension X2.5 fourteen a hundred and twenty five.five
GTS1250 Φ1.2X5 twenty two-20 Mesh size X2.five 15 a hundred and forty 5.five
GTS1530 Φ1.5X3 17 2-twenty Mesh dimension X2.5 sixteen 120 5.5
GTS1540 Φ1.5X4 17 2-twenty Mesh dimension X2.five eighteen a hundred and fifty seven.five
GTS1550 Φ1.5X5 17 2-twenty Mesh measurement X2.five 20 180 eleven
GTS1560 Φ1.5X5 seventeen two-twenty Mesh dimensions X2.5 22 two hundred 11

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Good Performance Rolling Screen for Sand Cement Grading