Electromagnetic Induction Heater for Slewing Bearing Harden

Electromagnetic Induction Heater For Slewing CZPT Harden

Principal Feature&colon

Our Induction Heater adopts the IGBT inverter circuit in parallel link&commawhich has substantial load adaptability&interval
It have this sort of as higher energy&commafast heating velocity&commahigh performance and simple operation&period

CZPT Induction Heater Software&colon
A&interval Heating &lparhot forging&comma sizzling fitting and smelting&rpar&colon

1 Scorching forging aims to fabricate the work pieces of certain temperature &lpardifferent resources call for diverse temperatures&rpar into other styles via forging push with the support of punch push&comma forging equipment or other equipments&comma for instances&comma scorching extrusion of look at case&comma view flan&comma handle&comma mold accessory&comma kitchen area and desk ware&comma art ware&comma regular part&comma fastener&comma fabricated mechanical portion&comma bronze lock&comma rivet&comma steel pin and pin&period of time

2&time period Very hot fitting refers to the relationship of different metals or metals with nonmetals through the heating based on the basic principle of sizzling enlargement or scorching smelting&comma for cases&comma embedded welding of copper main of personal computer radiator with aluminum sheet and speaker internet&comma compound of steel and plastic tube&comma sealing of aluminum foil &lpartooth paste peel&rpar&comma motor rotor and sealing of tubular electric powered heating factor&interval

3&period of time Smelting primarily aims to melt the metal into liquid by making use of the large temperature&comma which is mostly applicable to the smelting of iron&comma metal&comma copper&comma aluminum&comma zinc as nicely as different noble metals&time period

B&period Warmth Remedy &lparsurface quench&rpar&colon

It is primarily aims to modify the rigidity of the metal components via the warmth treatment method to operate pieces&interval Detail programs are stated as follows&colon  

one&time period Quench for different components and tools&comma such as plier&comma wrench&comma hammer&comma ax&comma screwing resources and shear &lparorchard shear&rpar&time period

2&periodQuench for different car and motorcycle fittings&comma this sort of as crankshaft&comma connecting rod&comma piston pin&comma chain wheel&comma aluminum wheel&comma valve&comma rock arm shaft&comma semi push shaft&comma small shaft and fork&period of time

3&period of time A variety of electric tools&comma these kinds of as gear and axes&time period

four&interval Quench for machine resources&comma these kinds of as lathe deck and guide rail&interval

5&period of time Quench for different hardware steel areas and machined elements&comma this kind of as shaft&comma gear &lparchain wheel&rpar&comma cam&comma chuck and clamp etc&interval

six&period of time Quench for components molds&comma such as modest-dimensions mould&comma mould accessory and internal hole of mildew&interval

C&interval Welding &lparbraze welding&comma silver soldering and brazing&rpar

It largely aims to melt the solder by heating it to a particular temperature for the function of connecting two varieties of metals of the same content or different materials&period

one&time period Welding of numerous components slicing instruments&comma such as diamond device&comma abrasive device&comma drilling tool&comma alloy observed blade&comma tough alloy cutter&comma milling cutter&comma reamer&comma plHangCZPT tool and strong heart bit&period of time two&period Welding of different hardware mechanical gadget&colon Silver soldering and brazing of metals of the very same selection or different types&comma these kinds of as hardware rest room and kitchen items&comma refrigerating copper fitting&comma lamp decoration fitting&comma precision mould fitting&comma components manage&comma eggbeater&comma alloy metal and steel&comma metal and copper as well as copper and copper&period

three&period Compound pot base welding is largely applicable to the braze welding of circular&comma sq. as well as other irregular plain pot bottom&period It is also applicable to plain braze welding of other metals&interval

four&interval Welding of heating disc of electric scorching-h2o kettle largely refers to the braze welding of stainless metal flat foundation&comma aluminum sheet and tubular electrical heating elements of various varieties&time period

D&time period Annealing &lpartempering and modulation&rpar&colon

one&interval Annealing of a variety of stainless metal merchandise&comma such as stainless steel basin&comma annealed and extruded can&comma annealed folded edge&comma annealed sink&comma stainless metal tube&comma tableware and cup&interval

two&period of time Annealing of various other metal operate items&comma this sort of as golfing ball head&comma cue&comma brass lock&comma components copper fitting&comma kitchen knife take care of&comma blade&comma aluminum pan&comma aluminum pail&comma aluminum radiator and numerous aluminum merchandise&period of time


Design Gymnasium-40AB   &lparThree phase&rpar
work power 340V-430V
Maximum input current   65A
Output power  40kw
fluctuating frequency one-10KHZ
output current four hundred-1800A
the flow rate of cooling water &period08-&period16Mpa 9L&solMin
water temperature protection point 50C
product size main &colon620x250x530 mm
transformer &colon  560x295x470 mm
net weight main &colon34&period5kgs
transformer &colon 42&period5kgs

Supply Time&colon within 5 days&time period
Shipping phrase&colon by sea&commaby air&commaby express&time period

Additional components take decide on&comma  
2>CZPTer design Coil 
3>Infrared Thermometer
4>Back-up Electronic Boards
5>Forging Furnace&commaMelting Furnace&commaHardening Fixture

About support question&colon

Q&colon Why choose GuangYuan Firm&quest
A&colon We are manufacture which experienced in this submitted for nearly 20 years&periodNo issue high quality&commaprice&commaservice&commadelivery time&commawe all have massive edge&interval

Q&colonHow to pick ideal equipment&quest
A&colonYou can notify us your software&commaneed forging&commahardening&commawelding&commamelting or other&commapass me workpiece material & measurement&commaTemperature need and heating time requirement&periodThen we will recommend in shape machine for you reference&interval

Q&colonHow about the machine payment expression&shipping and delivery time&Transport phrase&quest
A&colon Our company payment expression take T&solT&commaWestern Union&commaL&solC and so on&periodSmall machine shipping time is three~seven workdays&periodBig device delivery time 15~twenty five workdays&periodShipping time period accept EXW&commaFOB&commaCIF and so on&interval

Q&colonHow about the machine warranty&quest
A&colonOur items support 1 calendar year guarantee not by personal function&commasupport specialized service all life&period of time
During the warranty&commaif equipment have problem require modify spare parts&commawe can replace for you demand cost-free


Electromagnetic Induction Heater for Slewing Bearing Harden