Steel Pintle Chain Attachments C1 AS

Steel pin chain attachments are used in various applications, including spreading fertilizers and conveying materials. These chains have a flexible design that makes them easily combined with various attachments. Typical applications include feed systems, spray boxes, and granular material conveying. You can also customize these chains with custom accessories to meet your specific needs.
Pin chains are commonly used in spreaders, feeding systems, and spray boxes. They are durable and highly resistant to seizure. They can also be used for power transmission and general transportation. They come in 10 different styles and are perfect for harsh environments. Pivot chains are a great solution if you have a high-speed machine that requires a lot of force.
Steel Needle Chain Attachment is made of high-quality material with great elasticity. These chains are designed for reliability, quality, and economy. Their open barrel construction helps minimize contact between the pin and sprocket face, reducing seizing due to corrosion and material buildup at the root of the sprocket. These chains are most commonly used in vehicles but can also be found in bicycles, fertilizer spreaders, and grain handling equipment.

Our company also provides many conveyor chain types. If you need to know more product types and information, you can contact us by email or communicate with our online staff. Looking forward to working with you.

Sprockets for Steel Pintle Chain

Steel pin chains offer a selection of rewards and can be utilized in various applications. They attribute one-piece alloy backlinks and four-post rivet pins to do away with materials build-up. Additionally, they attribute an open barrel design and style that prevents debris from clogging the barrel and minimizes uneven dress-in. Examine our stock of steel pivot chains to choose the right pivot chain for your project.
Pin chains are used in several industries, from agriculture and mining to construction development and spreading. They could move big amounts of materials swiftly and quickly. Pivot chains are effortless to repair if correctly maintained. Unlike other chains, they don’t demand as much maintenance as other kinds of gear.


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