Air Handling Unit Ahu Air Terminal Unit

one. CZPTstars air handling device and air handler functions
1) AHU scenario is the higher-toughness aluminum alloy frame, with constructed-in insulation components, no cold bridges.
2) The aluminum substance surface area handled by anodizing seems to be great and corrosion-resistant. The panel is 25mm thick and of double skin framework. Both the internal and outer panel plates are made of top quality Korean galvanized steel painted, gorgeous and trendy style
3) The sandwiched PU foam insulation materials amongst the plates make certain the best performance of insulation, depth, rigidity, cleanliness and noise insulation for the AHU, and ensure no condensed water on the area
four) In the hole between the body and the panel dampness-proof substance has been utilized to seal up, stay away from air leakage and energy reduction
5) The foundation frame is very hot-dip galvanized metal, Anti-corrosive

two.CZPTstars Air handler,air managing device, ahu software
An air handler, or air handling unit (typically abbreviated to AHU), is a device utilised to regulate and flow into air as portion of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) program. An air handler is usually a massive metallic box made up of a blower, heating or cooling components, filter racks or chambers, seem attenuators, and dampers. Air handlers usually join to a ductwork ventilation system that distributes the conditioned air via the creating and returns it to the AHU. Often AHUs discharge (supply) and admit (return) air right to and from the room served CZPT ductwork

3.Air handler technical info, Assembly drawing diagram and image

Horizontal Air Dealing with Device(Return Air Issue-four Rows)
Model Air Flow   Total
Power Input Return Air
Cooling Potential Heating Capacity Drinking water Stream  Water Resistance H2o inlet/outlet pipe Diameter
*1000CMH Pa kW kW L/min kPa DN
EST10HC4 ten 350 two.two sixty.4 eighty four 172.8 18.six fifty
EST12HC4 twelve four hundred 3 73 101.7 209.4 21.six fifty
EST15HC4 fifteen 400 4 98.six 138.9 282.6 22.five 65
EST18HC4 18 four hundred 5.5 118.3 one hundred sixty five 339.6 24.5 sixty five
EST20HC4 twenty four hundred five.five 139.five 194.four four hundred.2 30.four sixty five
EST23HC4 23 four hundred five.five 157.nine 219.nine 456 twenty five.five 65
EST25HC4 twenty five four hundred seven.five 169.five 236.three 486.six 37.2 eighty
EST28HC4 28 500 2*4 186.three 534 26.five eighty
EST30HC4 thirty five hundred two*5.five 199.3 277.9 571.eight 22.5 two*65
EST35HC4 35 five hundred two*five.5 235.7 328.3 676.two 29.4 two*65
EST40HC4 forty 500 2*5.five 271.two 378 778.two 34.3 two*65
EST45HC4 forty five five hundred two*seven.5 286.2 398.eight 821.4 40.2 two*65
EST50HC4 50 600 2*11 322.7 449.8 925.8 51.9 two*80
Be aware:
  one. Return air: Cooling: Air in 27ºC DB, 19.5ºC WB,Chilled drinking water in/out:7ºC /12ºC
  2. Return air: Heaing: Air in 15ºC DB,Hot water in: 60ºC.

four. CZPTstars air dealing with unit , air handler selection or series
-Horizontal ceiling ducted air dealing with device
-Horizontal hid air managing device
-Vertical concealed air handling device
-Vertical uncovered air handling unit
-Modular Modulus Air Dealing with Unit-multi-function air managing unit

five. Factors-air dealing with unit or air handler

Panel and Insulation
•Galvanized metal(GI) and stainless steel(SS) CZPT
•CZPT pores and skin, twenty five~50mm PU insulation

•Penta-publish extra hefty gauge aluminum profiles and strong fiber-bolstered PE corner connection forming the structural  frame
• outstanding mechanical energy and rigidity to the device frame and to avert any buckling or deformation
• Thermal bridge totally free design, the profiles crammed with polyurethane foam for insulation
• Anodizing floor treatment method for profiles, corrosion-resistant
• Stainless metal body CZPT

Renowned Model Blower and Motor
•Energy conserving Admirer with lower velocity and low noise
•Type: Direct pushed / Belt driven
            Ahead curve and backward curve
            Centrifugal fan and EC plug supporter
•Brand: Nicotra, Kruger, Deton, Yilida CZPT
•Low noise lengthy existence Motor
•Brand: Siemens, ABB and Teco CZPT

Vibration Eliminator
• To minimize the transmission of vibration and noise, supporter and motor are mounted on an impartial total foundation frame
• The comprehensive foundation frame is isolated by deflection sort spring isolators
• This exclusive composition not only decrease the vibration and noise, but also protect enthusiast and motor for the duration of transportation

Cooling/ Heating Coil
•Large coil encounter region with low air velocity
•Various anti-corossion coating for selection, Electrophoresis and Heresite coating CZPT
•Type: Copper tube with Aluminium fins (Cu/Al), GI/SUS body
            Copper tube with Copper fins (Cu/Cu), GI/SUS body
•Rows: 4R/6R(can be 2R+4R design)/8R (can be 4R+4R layout)
Copper Tube Defense
•CZPTy mounting hole stuffed up glass cement to avoid copper tube harm for the duration of transportation and operation

Higher efficiency filter
Air filtration is practically always existing in buy to provide clear dust-cost-free air to the building occupants. It may be by way of simple low-MERV pleated media, HEPA, electrostatic, or a mix of techniques. Gas-period and ultraviolet air therapies may possibly be employed as properly.

Filtration is usually positioned initial in the AHU in order to hold all the downstream elements clean. Dependent upon the quality of filtration required, usually filters will be arranged in two (or much more) successive financial institutions with a coarse-quality panel filter presented in entrance of a wonderful-quality bag filter, or other “ultimate” filtration medium. The panel filter is cheaper to substitute and sustain, and thus protects the far more expensive bag filters.

The daily life of a filter may possibly be assessed by checking the strain drop by means of the filter medium at layout air volume stream price. This could be carried out by implies of a visible exhibit making use of a stress gauge, or by a force swap linked to an alarm level on the constructing control program. Failure to change a filter might sooner or later guide to its collapse, as the forces exerted on it by the supporter get over its inherent strength, ensuing in collapse and hence contamination of the air handler and downstream ductwork.

Stainless Metal Drain Pan
• Slop type style, no drain h2o carryover and hold the pan dry
• Avoid the micro-organisms progress within the drain pan
Antimicrobial Drain Pan is presented as alternative
• SteriTouch engineering Drip Pan Coating
• Antimicrobial surface area
• Very good exterior sturdiness and corrosion resistance
• Excellent adhesion
• Non-toxic, comply with BS476 component 7

CZPTal manage cabinet(optioanl)
•According to the demands and features of the device to design and style the handle console or cabinet
•Auto management each section of the unit to make positive the temperature, humidity and cleaness 
•High quality and worldwide model electrical factors

6.Why choose us?
CZPTstars gives Services:
•System Design and style
•CZPT help
•CZPTized producing
•CZPT testing before shipping and delivery
•CZPT areas source according to get quantity
•Long warranty period of time
•OEM services CZPT

Q:What are the variations in between an air conditioner and an air handler?
Air handlers are an important element of your all round HVAC technique, but they are not the full air conditioning method.

An air handler is liable for housing the products necessary to go air via your property or enterprise. In most cases, it is situated inside of and operates each the heating and cooling techniques. Air handlers appear like a furnace, and are often even mistaken for one. Air handlers can be created to perform with a heat pump or air conditioner. It includes the indoor coil, which dependent on the environment your technique is working on, is utilised for equally heating and cooling.

Air conditioning models incorporate the condenser and are normally stored outside the house of your residence or company.  Air conditioners actively pull heat out of the creating by way of a variety of elements configured together, and then this scorching air is redirected outdoors. Through the procedure, air moves through the method by way of return ducts and more than a refrigerant coil. Alternatively of adding chilly air to the space, which is what it feels like, the technique is truly just pulling scorching air out and then recirculating the same air (CZPT the warmth) back again into the building. 

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Air Handling Unit Ahu Air Terminal Unit