The structure of the three phase asynchronous motor

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Three phase asynchronous motor are mainly composed of stator and rotor, bearing.Is mainly composed of stator core, three-phase winding, frame, an end cover.By 0.35 ~ 0.5 mm thick surface commonly stator core with insulating layer of silicon steel sheet coining, overlying and become, within the core of the circle has a uniform distribution trough, which embedded in the stator winding.Three-phase winding by three in the space between 120 Angle, said arrangement can be connected with the same structure of the winding, the winding of the coil respectively according to certain rule embedded in the stator slot.Its role is bubbled into three-phase alternating current (ac), to produce a rotating magnetic field.

Stand in the three phase asynchronous motor are usually cast iron parts, large base of 3 phase asynchronous motor general welded with steel plates, miniature asynchronous motor frame adopts cast aluminum, its effect is fixed ends and to support the rotor, stator core and plays a role of protection, cooling, etc.Enclosed machine stand outside with radiating rib to increase the cooling area, protected the motor end cover on both ends of the frame to open a vent, make motor inside and outside air convection, can be directly to facilitate heat dissipation.

three phase asynchronous motors

Three phase asynchronous motor end cover main fixed rotor, support and protection.The rotor is mainly composed of iron core and winding.The material with the stator, rotor core by 0.5 mm thick silicon steel sheet coining, overlying and become, silicon steel cylindrical blunt with uniform distribution of holes, used for rotor winding.Usually lagging in the silicon steel sheet with the stator iron core circle to punch the rotor core.General small asynchronous motor rotor core being connected directly on the shaft, large and medium-sized three phase asynchronous motor, the rotor diameter in 300 ~ 400 mm) above the rotor core, with the aid of and pressure on the axis of the rotor bracket.

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