6021 Electrical Milky White Polyester Film

Warmth resistant degree: E 120 levels

Composition: polyester movie is tied by dimethyl terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol in the connected catalysts assisted heating, by way of ester exchange

And vacuum polycondensation, biaxial tensile membrane, clear coloration.

Attributes and use: the solution has superb electrical, mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance. Utilized in motor, capacitor, coil,

Cable insulation materials, it has been widely used in electrical insulation sector.

Thickness: .571 mm to .35 mm width: one thousand mm

Specific functionality specification
Substantial tensile toughness, great air permeability, great warmth resistance, higher transparency, sturdy toughness, very good elasticity
PET polyester film by terephthalic acid glycol polyester (PET) as the backing material, has outstanding bodily and electrical properties, heat resistance, insulation, strong toughness, low shrinkage, reduced h2o absorption, little thickness tolerance, high transparency, overall flexibility, and so forth.Is primarily utilized in electrical, electronics, composite supplies, packaging window, and so on., top quality and cheap, welcome the masses of clients to pick!One more also give slicing, movie, painting and other diversified solutions.

Polyester movie is usually colorless, clear, luster, robust toughness and elasticity are great movies.Compared with other plastic film, has a fairly big density, large tensile power, elongation fee is reasonable, impact strength, permeability is tiny, good heat resistance and high transparency.

Material is launched:

Width Available two”, 3″, 5″, 12″, 14″, 15″, 16″, 18″,twenty” ……much more..ect.
Length Available 650′, 700′, 800′, 1000′, 1500′, 2000′, 3000′, 4000′, 5000′, 6000′, 7500’…. ect.
Thickness Available 9mic ~ 70mic ( 15mic, 17mic, 19mic, 20mic, 23mic, 25mic, 30mic ect….)



stretch film jumbo roll  CZPT Data:

Material   LLDPE LLDPE
Type   Cast Forged
DENSITY g/m³ .925 .925
TEAR RESISTANCE N/mm 120 a hundred and twenty
CLING ≥g 125 one hundred twenty five
LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE ≥% 130 a hundred thirty
HAZE ≤% one.seven one.7
INNER CORE DIAMETER mm 76.two/fifty.eight seventy six.2

Applicable for suitable for Paper, metal, plastic, chemical industry, building materials,
food,medicine and other products packaging
Function one). Superior stretch ability, outstanding shrinkage memory, good tensile strength
two). Strong anti-puncture, tear resistantance
three).Moisture-evidence, water-proof, dust-evidence
four). Even thickness, excellent purity
5). Manufacturing with 3-layer co-extrusion technology
6). Environmental friendly.

6021 Electrical Milky White Polyester Film