4sps Series Helical Solar Water Pump Highlift Big Flow Burshless DC Motor

Top Good quality DC&AC Appropriate Submersible Solar Pump with mppt Controller (3 A long time Guarantee)


( 3 ~ 6 Inches Submersible & Floor Solar Pump, solar drinking water pump )

Leading Good quality Submersible Solar H2o Pump for 3inches and 4inches

Solar panels  is to  convert sunlight into electrical energy which will be passed to the solar pump controller,the vitality will be used to electricity the pump. 
Photo voltaic Controller /Inverte is utilized to stabilize the electrical power voltage and output the electricity to drive the electric powered motor of the pump. If backup batteries (optional) are CZPT, then the pump controller can cost them.
Battery is for Storaging the additional  energy that can be utilised at later time when the daylight may not be satisfactory to travel the pump.
Drinking water Level detector / Sensors is employed to linked to the controller and can be utilised to shield the pump from running dry as well as to routinely switch the pump off when a h2o tank is complete.

one.  Max CZPT : 20 — 320m
two.  Max Circulation : .seventy six — two hundred m3/hr
three.  Power : .1hp — 100hp
four.  Voltage : twelve V -120V 220V -540V
5.  Motor : DC motor & AC motor
6.  Material : SS304 & SS316
7. Controller : mppt sort for Automated restating

1. Irrigation of agriculture
two. Drinking water and living h2o
3. Backyard garden irrigation
4. Fountains

1. The efficiency is enhanced twenty five% by the permanent magnetism,immediate existing, brushless, non-sensor motor.
two. Undertake double plastic package deal for rotor and stator,motor insulation ≥300MΩ,the motor safety was much improved.
3. Higher approach merchandise adopting MPPT and DSP chip strategy.
four. one hundred% copper wire, chilly-rolled silicon metal sheet.
five. Stainless steel 304 & 316 shaft , motor human body, screw.

NEW Produced Solar PUMP
1. Restart : Totally Automatical restart each and every Morning , or when the sun seems soon after Cloud
2. Efficiency : 15-twenty% larger than widespread Controller
3. Safety From Mistaken Relationship : Can protect In opposition to currently being burned , in situation some customers Reversed panel “+” and “-” ternmials when connection to controller
4. High Temperature Resistance : Can operate properly underneath fifty degrees issue for 24 several hours continual functioning

3′ Submersible Solar Pump ( Screw Pump )

Model Voltage (V) Electrical power (Kw) Max. Flow    (M³/H) Max.  CZPT
Outlet (Inch) Diameter* Duration (mm) Bodyweight (Kg)
3SPS0.72/20-D12/eighty 12–26 forty five-150 .seventy two twenty G0.75″   6.five
3SPS0.seventy six/28-D12/120 twelve–26 one hundred twenty .76 28 G0.seventy five”   6.seven
3SPS0.86/38-D12/150 12–26 one hundred fifty .86 38 G0.seventy five”   six.8
3SPS1./30-D24/eighty sixteen-36 forty five-150 one thirty G0.seventy five” seventy six*400 seven
3SPS1.3/fifty-D24/one hundred forty 16-36 80-two hundred one.three 50 G0.75″   seven.two
3SPS1.8/eighty-D24/210 sixteen-36 100-270 one.8 80 G0.75″   seven.five
3SPS1.eight/one hundred-D36/270 24-forty eight 140-350 one.eight a hundred G0.75″   8
3SPS1.8/one hundred twenty-D36/500 24-48 320-800 one.eight 120 G0.75″   nine
3SPS2.3/a hundred and forty-D48/750 36-seventy two 480-950 2.3 one hundred forty G0.75″ 76*460 9
3SPS2.three/one hundred sixty-D72/1000 forty eight-96 600-1200 two.three a hundred and sixty G0.seventy five”   nine.five
3SPS2.3/one hundred eighty-D72/1300 seventy two-one hundred forty four 800-1500 2.3 one hundred eighty G0.75″   nine.five

4′ Submersible Photo voltaic Pump ( Centrifugal Pump )

Product Voltage(V) Electricity(W) Max. Flow   (M³/H) Max.  CZPT    (m) Outlet (Inch) Diameter* Length(mm) Weight (Kg)
4SPSC5./28-D24/250 eighteen-26 one hundred twenty-360 five 28 G1.twenty five” a hundred*540 12
4SPSC5.5/38-D36/four hundred 24-48 200-500 five.5 38 G1.twenty five” one hundred*650 12.5
4SPSC5.five/fifty eight-D48/750 36-seventy two 450-900 5.five fifty eight G1.twenty five” one hundred*680 thirteen.five
4SPSc6./seventy two-D72/one thousand 48-ninety six 600-1200 6 72 G1.twenty five” a hundred*740 15.five
4SPSc6.5/ninety eight-D72/1300 72-144 800-1500 six.5 98 G1.25″ a hundred*880 16.5
4SPSC10/thirty-D48/750 36-seventy two 450-900 ten 30 G1.5″ one hundred*540 13.five
4SPSC10/forty four-D72/1000 forty eight-96 600-1200 10 44 G1.five” 100*650 fifteen
4SPSC10/fifty seven-D72/1300 seventy two-144 800-1500 10 57 G1.5″ a hundred*680 15.five
4SPSC15/21-D72/one thousand forty eight-ninety six 600-1200 15 21 G2″ one hundred*540 13.5
4SPSC15/28-D72/1300 72-one hundred forty four 800-1500 15 28 G2″ a hundred*620 fourteen

6′ Submersible Photo voltaic Pump ( Centrifugal Pump )

Model Impeller  Content Voltage (V) Electrical power (KW) Max. Flow    (M³/H) Max.  CZPT    (m) Outlet (Inch) Diameter* Duration (mm) Bodyweight (Kg)
6SPSC23/21-D72/1300 Stainless Steel 304 72-one hundred forty four 800-1500 23 21 G3″ one hundred twenty five*seven-hundred 23
6SPSC28/thirteen-D72/1300 seventy two-a hundred and forty four 800-1500 28 thirteen G3″ 125*710 24
6SPSC46/7-D72/1300 72-one hundred forty four 800-1500 46 seven G4″ 125*690 22


Product Controller Voltage Very best Working Voltage (vmp range) Max constrained Voltage (max.Voc)
New mppt Controller 24V seventeen-40V 50V
36V 23-50V 68V
48V 32-63V 78V
72V 48-96V 120V


  New MPPT Controller   Inadequate Quality Controller on Industry
Restart Completely Automatically restart everying Early morning , or when the sun appears following Cloud V.S . Not regular, and are not able to restart Routinely
Effectiveness 15-20% higher than widespread Controller V.S . Reduced performance
MPPT  Fuction Has mppt fuction V.S . No mppt
Input Voltage Range Improve significantly bigger input voltage selection to 150V.Will make the panel choice extremely straightforward, also keep away from too larger input voltage melt away the controller V.S . Extremely scaled-down enter voltage range greatest only to 85V, and will be burnt if the panel voltage boosts for the duration of the very shinning daytime
Protection Towards Incorrect Relationship Can defend Against currently being burned , in situation some customers Reversed panel “+” and “-” ternmials when relationship to controller V.S . No Defense, will be Burned Undoubtedly
Large Temperature Resistance Can run well underneath 50 degrees problem for 24 hours continuously V.S . Will be burned, if tempreture a lot more than 40 levels
Operation Really Handy to Open the Box to modify the Speed Switch V.S . Not Practical, requirements Screwdriver to open the 4 bolts each and every time
Guarantee 3 Many years V.S . No guarantee or longest as 1 year


4sps Series Helical Solar Water Pump Highlift Big Flow Burshless DC Motor