42mm BLDC Panetary Gearbox Motor with Different Kinds Ratio

42mm bldc panetary gearbox motor with diverse sorts ratio


NEMA17 gearbox stepping motor , 42mm square stepper motor .
42mm planetary gearbox motor ,.
Use for robots stepper motor, electronic automatic equipment stepping motor , health care instrument stepping motor,
advertisementing instrument stepper motor, lighting& audio products stepper motor ,printer stepper motor, textile equipment stepper motor.
Cnc router stepper motor.

Winding sort Delta
Corridor impact angle one hundred twenty diploma electrical angle
Shaft operate out .571mm
Radial engage in .02mm@450g
End enjoy .08mm@450g
Max. radial pressure 28N @ 20mm from the flange
Max. axial power 10N
Insulation course Course B
Dielectric energy 500VDC for 1 minute
Insulation resistance 100MΩMin., 500VDC

Model  JK42BLS01 JK42BLS02 JKBLS03 JKBLS04
Number of poles 8
Amount of section 3
Rated voltage          VDC 24
Rated speed            RPM 4000
Ongoing stall torque  N.m .075 .fifteen .22 .3
Rated torque           N.m .0625 .a hundred twenty five .185 .twenty five
Rated power            W 26 52.five 77.5 one zero five
Peak torque            N.m .19 .38 .fifty six .seventy five
Peak current           A 5.4 ten.six 15.five twenty
Line to line resistance    ohms 1.eight .eight .55 .28
Line to line inductance   mH 2.six one.2 .8 .54
Torque constant         Nm/A .035 .571 .036 . 0571
Back E.M.F             V/KRPM three.66 three.seventy two three.seventy six 3.94
Rotor inertia            g.cmtwo 24 forty eight seventy two 96
Human body length             mm forty one sixty one eighty one a hundred
Mass                   Kg .3 .forty five .sixty five .eight

42mm BLDC Panetary Gearbox Motor with Different Kinds Ratio