10kv, 1000kw, 1120kw, 1250kw, 985r Min 3 Phase Induction AC Motor

YRKK Series HV Wound Rotor Motor (Slip Ring Motor)

Energy: 220kw – 2500KW

Voltage: 3KV, 6KV, 10KV

Speed: 500RPM/590RPM/740RPM/990RPM/1500RPM/3000RPM

Safety Diploma: IP44/IP54

Cooling strategy: IC611

Insulation Course: F

Obligation: S1

Package: Export Wooden Bundle

Payment: thirty% in progress, balance by T/T or L/C at sight

YRKK6301-6, 1000KW, 10000V, 985r/min, IC611, IP44/IP54, F Insulation

YRKK6302-6, 1120KW, 10000V, 985r/min, IC611, IP44/IP54, F Insulation

YRKK6303-six, 1250KW, 10000V, 985r/min, IC611, IP44/IP54, F Insulation

Mounting Dimensions

Product Description

        YRKK-sequence (3kv, 6kv, 10kV) motor, is of wound rotor a few stage asynchronous motor. Which complies with JB/T1571.2-2002. The defense degree of the motor is of IP44/IP54 and the cooling technique is of IC611.

        The motor has these kinds of edge as higher effectiveness, vitality-saving reduced noise, reduced vibration, gentle fat and dependable overall performance. They are effortless for installation and servicing.

        This motor can generate greater commencing torque at the condition of relatively reduced starting up existing. It utilised in which the capability of the feeder line is inadequate to start off a squirrel cage motor or where the lengthier starting time and regular beginning are necessary or in which adjustment of speed is necessary within a limited selection this kind of as windlass, push devices, drawing machines.

Type of Which means

The composition and the mounting type is of IMB3 with ongoing obligation(S1).The rated frequency is 50Hz and the rated voltage is 3000V, 6000V,1000V, other voltage prerequisite or special needs ought to be negotiate with maker just before order is put.


Get Discover

When purchasing, the following requirement must be specified:

Body measurement this kind of as: YRKK3551-four

Mounting variety: IM B3

Rated Electrical power: 220KW

Safety Diploma: IP44/IP54

Rated Voltage: 6 KV

Cooling Method: IC611

Rated Frequency: 50HZ

Insulation Course: F

Synchronous Velocity: 1500r/min

Ambient Condition: Altitude earlier mentioned sea amount maximal one,000m, cooling air temperature maximal 40ºC.

Notice: Belt driving is not authorized on the motor of 2poles and 4poles. Belt driving utilized on the motor of other poles, should be negotiated with manufacturing facility. 

Packaging & Delivery

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10kv, 1000kw, 1120kw, 1250kw, 985r Min 3 Phase Induction AC Motor