0.25kw End Carriage Motor Without Buffer 6p

ELK .25Kw end carriage motor CZPT buffer 6P

ELK .25Kw end carraige motor CZPT buffer 6P breif introduction:

gearbox: cast iron(FC25) material, high tension, high precision. 

Equipment: Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel(SNCM220&SCM415) with heat treatment of vacuum carbonitriding.

Shaft:alignment and grinding, high accurate, high abrasion and strike resistance, up 5 times safety factor,long service life.

Motor:easy heat dissipation, good high voltage resistance, low noise, high performance, high torque, low current, small size, strong output power, high operation frequency.

Electromagnetic brake:Strong braking force, bolt control braking force directly, braking pad high wear resistance, ensures it strong stability, long service life.

ELK .25Kw end carriage motor CZPT buffer 6P dimensions: 
ELK .25Kw stop carriage motor CZPT buffer 6P Parameters:  

Design Power Amount of poles Output gear Module Reduction ratio Rotation speed Voltage
KD-030 No buffer .25Kw 4P M3,M4,M5 ten:one 133R/min(50Hz) 176R/min(60Hz) two hundred-600V/3Phase
.25Kw 6P 90R/min(50Hz) 120R/min(60Hz)
.4Kw 4P 133R/min(50Hz) 176R/min(60Hz)

ELK .25Kw crane motor CZPT buffer Application:

0.25kw End Carriage Motor Without Buffer 6p